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Join me in my efforts to support Nationwide Children's Hospital Foundation! Avery is honored to be a Patient Champion this year.

Itís all about timing and hope. All babies born in Ohio are tested for serious diseases and disorders. Avery was born within weeks of Ohio passing a bill to add Tyrosinemia Type I to the newborn screening program. She was the 5th person in Ohio to be diagnosed with this disease and the first child to be diagnosed before any major complications had set in.

Tyrosinemia Type I is a genetic metabolic disease which affects about 1 person in 100,000 in the world. It prevents the body from being able to break down protein in a healthy way. At the moment, there is no cure, but that doesnít stop 4-year-old Avery from playing outside, swimming and jumping on the couch. One year ago, Averyís sister, Leighton, was also diagnosed at birth with Tyrosinemia Type I. Their parents, Katie and Matthew, are grateful for the staff and team of doctors at Nationwide Childrenís Hospital who have become like family to them as well as champions of hope that a cure will be found for these little ladies in their lifetime. Avery has many friends running in the marathon. Please join her in celebrating these champions of hope and raising money for our beloved hospital!

Thank you for supporting Nationwide Children's Hospital Foundation. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.
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