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My precious baby.

Cambell came into our lives May 26th, 2009. From the very beginning we knew she wanted the attention all to herself. She spent a good deal of time in the NICU because she was unable to eat on her own. The nurses were fabulous, and she continued to be the "center of attention." As a result of her attention gaining desires, test after test was done on her. The tests were all inconclusive and Cambell was finally able to come home with some extra party favors- a feeding tube and oxygen.

About a month later, Cambell had another incident that took us back to the ER. Mind you, this is after countless doctors appointments, therapists, sleepless nights, etc. And this was when we began to see a trend-Cambell liked to be at the hospital during holidays. Big holidays, little holiday, whatever. She liked a good party.

Eventually, she went home again, with a different feeding tube, oxygen a little more fat on her body and red hair on her head.

Thanksgiving came and Cambell knew it was time to go back to Children's. She did have to make things a little more dramatic with a trip to the hospital by the squad. Her stay this time was brief, but exhausting-as they all were.

Christmas came and she decided that she wanted to see Santa, but she wanted to worry everyone with a horrible cold all day long. Visiting the hospital the day after Christmas would be significant for her. We became frequent fliers with the IV team, and although they were the nicest people around, I hated seeing them.

New Years Day may have been next. However, at this point, it didn't matter. We celebrated days we were not at Children's, which seemed to be less and less.

Finally, around President's Day weekend, or "daddy's birthday," Cambell ended up getting another ride from the friendly Worthington Squad back to Children's and never came home. Rick was lucky enough to ride with her in his cut off sweat pants, T-shirt and slippers. The PICU was her home for awhile and then it was time to say goodbye.

My situation with Cambell was one I would never wish on my worst enemy. We loved her so much, but we were exhausted, devastated, confused and scared for 9 terrible months of our lives. If I did not have Nationwide Children's Hospital and their excellent care, love and "laughter" when I needed it, Cambell never would have made it as far as she did.

Running a half marathon is nothing new to me. But I have hesitated doing the Columbus Marathon ever since Nationwide Children's Hospital took over the sponsorship of the race. I was scared, and still am that my emotions will take over, especially as I run through mile 12-the angel mile.

But I am able to run-and she is not. So I will do it for her and all her angel friends.
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