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Pixar Pals for Brandon
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Pixar Pals for Brandon Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $10,000.00
Total Raised: $20,599.60

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 25
Members Recruited: 35

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We take each step for "Pixar Pals for Brandon" and all the other children of Nationwide Children's Hospital!

We are in it for another year!! And this year we are going out with a bang kicking cancer's butt. The race is Sunday October 19th and right now Brandon's treatment schedule has him "ringing the bell" for his last Chemo infusion on Tuesday October 14th!!! Jerry and I have been admiring "this bell" since day one. All kids ring the bell on the Hem/Oc floor on the day of their last chemo infusion as a way to celebrate the end!! And if his treatment stays on track Brandon (and Jerry has already admitted he will be doing it too) will be ringing "the bell" the Tuesday before the Marathon!

UPDATE: Due to Brandon's recent issues and his extended hospital stay in August, his last chemo is now not until December 11th. So we will NOT be "ringing the bell" the week of the marathon, but we will be ringing it all the louder in December!

So join our team or support one or more of our runners / walkers and help us celebrate the end of Leukemia treatment for Brandon!!

Team Members:
Total Raised$20,599.60  
General Team Donation$1,210.00  
Jackie Davis$4,442.00  
   Kelly Brown$205.00  
   Christine Brubaker$360.00  
   Elizabeth Brubaker$560.00  
   Emily Cordes$0.00  
   Jerome Davis$3,814.00  
   paul davis$1,100.00  
   Paul Davis$50.00  
   Chelsea Devitt$0.00  
   Sarah Diller$1,000.00  
   Kevin Drewes$0.00  
   Sarah Garber$0.00  
   Audra & Travis Garrison$850.00  
   Bret Hammer$500.00  
   Sherrie Harris$50.00  
   Renee Imbrock$0.00  
   Melinda Jack$810.00  
   Robert Jones$250.00  
   Jessica Kaiser$1,283.60  
   Kane Kaiser$250.00  
   Carrie Kirby$0.00  
   Mike Penner$200.00  
   Stephanie Penner$365.00  
   Brad Pickworth$0.00  
   Dana Pickworth$100.00  
   T.J. Putnam$665.00  
   Jeff Recker$500.00  
   Jen Rittenhouse$100.00  
   Rachele Siegel$0.00  
   Kristina Spangler$25.00  
   Dennis Stevens$390.00  
   Nicole Wenman$170.00  
   Benjamin Wittman$1,300.00  
   Henry Zaborniak$25.00  
   Kimberly Zaborniak$25.00  

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