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The Hearing Program
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The Hearing Program Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $10,000.00
Total Raised: $5,558.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 50
Members Recruited: 69

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Meet our Champion:

Here are examples of how your generosity and fundraising helps The Hearing Program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.
Children and families with hearing loss experience great costs. Here are examples of how your generosity and fundraising may help in The Hearing Program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital:

Individual battery pack (one pack = 4 batteries) $3.75
Bonnet to keep hearing aid/cochlear implant on child’s head $55.00
Music Therapy session $100.00
Complete set of at-home toys for auditory therapy $200.00
Hearing Screen for a newborn $307.25
Genetic testing (Connexin) $500.00
Speech Evaluation: $620.00
Auditory Brainstem Response Testing $770.50
One Hearing Aid, Digital $1,223.44
FM receiver $1,666.80
Cochlear implant rechargeable batteries for three year use $5,100.00
Two hearing aids for bilateral hearing loss $2,446.88
Bone anchored auditory implant processor $7,875.00
Cochlear implant external processor $10,000.00
Cochlear implant surgery $50,000.00

Team Members:
Total Raised$5,558.00  
General Team Donation$745.00  
Julie Smith$0.00  
   Christie Barnes$100.00  
   Chelsea Bates$0.00  
   Sarah Begue$0.00  
   Becky Belt$20.00  
   Kristy Beyer$25.00  
   Colleen Brady$130.00  
   Nikia Bridges$0.00  
   Alyson Callahan$0.00  
   Darcy Carey$25.00  
   Jennifer Cass$300.00  
   Jen Cockerill$50.00  
   jessica conley$290.00  
   Kim Davis$100.00  
   Ashleigh Denny$0.00  
   Kathy Denny$50.00  
   Katie Dominguez$0.00  
   Katie Gaffney$20.00  
   Ali Gifford$0.00  
   Steve Gifford$0.00  
   Jamie Godsey$0.00  
   Jennifer Golowin$25.00  
   Mandi Grumm$0.00  
   Jamie Haley$0.00  
   Lisa Hamber$0.00  
   Lauren Hines-Estep$0.00  
   Rose Horbol$0.00  
   Gina Hounam$0.00  
   Jean HruschakUndisclosed  
   Jamie Huffman$0.00  
   Christina Jadlos$0.00  
   Alecia Jayne$0.00  
   Lura Keating$50.00  
   Leslie Kim$200.00  
   Josh Kliner$20.00  
   Justin Kudela$185.00  
   Mark Kusek$0.00  
   Beth Lagergren$45.00  
   Meredith Lind$100.00  
   Shana Lucius$0.00  
   Casey Madison$145.00  
   Prashant Malhotra$200.00  
   Andrew Marwaha$50.00  
   Kyle McMullen$50.00  
   Allison Mester$100.00  
   Laura Middleton$0.00  
   Elena Miller$1,915.00  
   Shana Moore$0.00  
   Marie Ndem$0.00  
   Aimee Nofer$0.00  
   brooke nofer$0.00  
   Jay Nofer$0.00  
   Sue Paap$100.00  
   Linda Payne$100.00  
   k petrosky$0.00  
   Jennifer Phelan$0.00  
   Andrea Purvis$0.00  
   Karl Purvis$135.00  
   Marianna RyanUndisclosed  
   Ashley Sevenich$0.00  
   Jasmine Simmons$15.00  
   Kendra Snodgrass$50.00  
   Brandy Swisher$200.00  
   Cindi Warner$0.00  
   Jori Weingarten$18.00  
   Greg WhiteUndisclosed  
   Aimee Wilber$0.00  
   Charae Williams$0.00  
   Julie Zaremski$0.00  

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